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SIL Engine™ for Power Apps

Simple language, Endless Possibilities




SIL Engine™ for Power Apps is a language abstraction layer that unites our powerful ecosystem of interconnected apps to bring you simple scripted solutions related to automation, integration, and customization for your Atlassian add-ons.

Customize Your Jira & Confluence However You Want

Simple Issue Language™ (SIL) is intended to simplify work for users who do not want to deep dive to implementation details of Jira or users who do not know Java. In addition, the purpose of the language is to make things as simple as possible, so a person without strong programming abilities can use it, but retaining as much flexibility as possible and exposing what we believe to be the basics of workflow customization, email handling, issue listeners, scheduled tasks, and so on.


  • No need for strong programming skills
  • Customize Atlassian tools with ease
  • Re-usable, configurable, set and forget – no technical debt!

The SIL Engine™ is installed automatically with any of our power apps. If installing one of our power apps, please do not uninstall the SIL Engine™ as this will break the functionality of the power app.

The following apps run on SIL:

To get started, check out our Intro to SILour video on basic script writing, and our SIL space on Confluence which features more tips, tricks, and templates on how to use SIL.

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