SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator™ for Jira

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SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator™

SAFe EPIC to Feature Translator™ for Jira (E2F) helps complete your Scaled Agile Framework transformations by translating native Jira naming (“EPIC”) into the terminology used in SAFe (“feature”).

The plugin is essentially an EPIC to feature translation bundle and we’re working to add even more configurability in its future versions to provide more flexibility into your Scaled Agile Framework and Jira.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility – “Feature” is used by default but you can use another term
  • Easy setup — Minimum time to get started and configure the app
  • Control – We work on enabling you define what’s SAFe and what is not for your users so that you can get granular in moving to the SAFe nomenclature

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Hosting Options

  • Server
  • Data Center



SAFe EPIC to Feature
Translator™ for Jira

In Product
Translation for Jira

Available in Data Center

Supported and new versions are released

Available in Jira 8

Support other apps


“For a long time we were looking for something to convert ‘epic’ to ‘feature’ on all of our team boards. This plugin has been a life-saver since our transformation coaches use the term ‘Epic’ for top hierarchy levels. A++++++ to cPrime for this jewel!”

– Alan W. 

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