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Power Scripts™ for Jira

Virtually unlimited scripting and automation capabilities to automate your most complex tasks in Jira. Product Owners want to automate tasks while working with Jira projects, users – to save time on repetitive tasks, and every Jira Admin would love to have a magic wand to be able to take care of all those requests at ease.

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Power Database Fields PRO™ for Jira

Query external data sources and retrieve dynamic information from external systems which is automatically integrated into Jira tickets and remove the need for manual entry by instantly importing external data sources into Jira. In addition, users can populate custom fields with remote data sources like SQL database using cascading selections and autocomplete text boxes.

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Power Actions™ for Jira

With a customizable toolbar to your issue screens, you can script whole screens with Simple Issue Language™ (SIL™). Add and remove actions, modify their order, specify whether a button should be available, hidden, or disabled; use SIL™ scripts to build forms for users to input data, etc.

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SIL Engine™ for Power Apps

SIL Engine™ for Power Apps is a language abstraction layer that unites our powerful ecosystem of interconnected apps to bring you simple scripted solutions related to automation, integration, and customization for your Atlassian add-ons.

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Power Custom Fields Premium™ for Jira

Power Custom Fields Premium™ offers let you make flexible, configurable custom fields in Jira to easily import and integrate external data into your Jira instance. Organize data collection and control field formatting.

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Power Scripts™ for Confluence

All the same power of Power Scripts™ for Jira, but now powering your Confluence. Create actions for Confluence automation, sync Jira and Confluence to avoid duplication, and integrate Confluence with other SAAS products.

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