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Power Scripts™ for Jira & Confluence

Virtually unlimited scripting and automation capabilities to automate your most complex tasks in Jira and Confluence


Customize Your Jira & Confluence However You Want

Power Scripts™ for Jira

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Key Features

  • Replace many single-purpose apps with an all-in-one solution
  • Automate “If This Then That” functionality for Jira
  • No need to have programming knowledge to use SIL
  • Automate your workflows
  • Synchronize with remote databases, LDAP, arbitrary APIs, and other Jira instances
  • Create custom workflow conditions, validators, and post functions
  • Manipulate Jira UI
  • Get a comprehensive view of the workflow actions, screens and their fields
  • Schedule scripts to run on an interval or as a cron job
  • Call your script from anywhere, synchronously or asynchronously
  • Start a script without leaving your dashboard
  • Implement batch updates and notifications to your issues and automate tasks with SIL services & job scheduling.

Power Scripts™ for Confluence

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Key Features

  • Unlock countless opportunities by integrating your Confluence with Jira
  • Ease the life for your Confluence Admin and let them focus on more challenging tasks
  • Administering your Confluence pain free
  • Customize your Confluence content, boost data display
  • Don’t hate – automate! Speed up your repetitive tasks by adding automation to your Confluence
  • Expand Confluence and work around its limitations
  • Extend Confluence events
  • Create pages and spaces automatically based on conditions
  • Create Jira tickets and projects from Confluence based on defined conditions
  • Enjoy countless more opportunities with Confluence macros, routines
  • Leverage built-in examples and scripts to get started in minutes

“A “must have” plugin to take Jira to the next step. With the power of SIL scripts and the numerous options to include and run, it is possible to adjust Jira to practically any need or situation.”

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