Power Database Fields PRO

Execute queries to external databases or SIL scripts and display extracted data in a configurable database custom field in Jira. Power Database Fields PRO is the most popular database app for extracting data from external databases or SIL scripts and displaying it in Jira tickets.
Online stores are managing orders, hospitals work with patient info, Support teams are working in Jira Service Desk, internal teams manage financials, candidates, and so on – all using the power of database custom fields.

Configuration is simple!

Power Database Fields PRO configuration is a breeze! Apart from the datasource, you do not need to edit any files. What will you do with all that saved time?

Tables can be scripted

Sometimes, just showing data from a database is not enough. If you need to process it first, here’s how you can do it with a SIL scripting language that we built exclusively for our power portfolio apps.

Database fields are indexed in Jira

Database fields are indexed in Jira which means you can run reports on them even if information is extracted from the database.

“I love this plugin and have been using it for years. The autocomplete is very powerful and the SIL tables offer endless possibilities for further customization. For me, the performance of the database fields have always matched the performance of the query run directly in the database, I have had a couple queries run slow (both as a custom field and directly in the database) but once I got some help cleaning up the SQL the custom field performed very nicely.”

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