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Power Database Fields PRO™ for Jira

Ignite Powerful Queries to External Databases

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Power Database Fields PRO™

Query external data sources and retrieve dynamic information from external systems which is automatically integrated into Jira tickets and remove the need for manual entry by instantly importing external data sources into Jira. In addition our Jira database configuration lets users can populate custom fields in Jira with remote data sources like SQL database using cascading selections and autocomplete text boxes.

Online stores are productively managing orders, hospitals are organizing patient information efficiently, support teams are simplifying Jira Service Desk, internal teams are constructively managing financials, candidates, and so on – all by using Power Database Fields PRO™ for Jira database configuration and custom fields.


Key Features Include:

  • Easy Jira database configurability
  • Integration with legacy systems
  • Advanced search
  • Table view
  • Restrict data from certain users
  • Export to CSV
  • Executing queries to external databases
  • SQL custom fields in Jira

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“I love this plugin and have been using it for years. The autocomplete is very powerful and the SIL tables offer endless possibilities for further customization.

For me, the performance of the database fields have always matched the performance of the query run directly in the database, I have had a couple queries run slow (both as a custom field and directly in the database) but once I got some help cleaning up the SQL the custom field performed very nicely.”

– J. Bauer

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