Power Custom Fields PRO

Power Custom Fields PRO is the best custom fields app with over 2000 customers.
Tired of those pesky custom field fixed lists you need to maintain? Do you have huge lists? Power Custom Fields resolves all above via creating new types of custom fields in your Jira that can be configured as you wish.

Scripted or SQL for your Custom Fields, you pick!

You can plug Power Custom Fields PRO directly into your database and if you need to transform the data, SIL is your choice.

Create custom fields dynamically

You can make custom fields react to user actions. Dependent fields are easily accessed in scripts. Plus, they are highly integrated with Power Scripts for Jira and Power Actions.

Full auto-complete support for your fields & more

You can configure how the fields will react at auto-complete and endless selections. Choose from checkbox, radio button, single & multi-select with auto-complete, or multiple renderers for your custom fields.

“This add-on is awesome! It’s really helping fill in the gaps of stock JIRA. Particularly with the issue picker functionality. Also, the support on the Atlassian Forums is amazing. I always get a response, and it’s always in a very reasonable amount of time. They’ve worked with me on resolving multiple issues, and they continuously update their documentation when gaps are identified. Good job!”

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