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Power Custom Fields PRO™ for Jira

Cover Multiple Ways of Rendering Select Lists & Radio Buttons as Issues, Users, & Projects



Tired of those pesky custom field fixed lists you need to maintain?
Do you have huge lists?

Power Custom Fields PRO™ resolves all above via creating new types of custom fields in your Jira that can be configured as you wish. Script or SQL for your Custom Fields, full auto-complete support for your fields, and create custom fields dynamically.

Take Your Custom Fields to a Whole New Level

Power Custom Fields PRO™ is an amazing custom fields app with over 2000 customers.

Use Cases

  • Handle huge datasets when you need to filter via autocomplete
  • Work with dynamic lists of values

Key Features

  • process loading huge data sets from various sources
  • deal with dynamic lists of values, values that can be dependent on what the user has selected in the current screen or in the previous ones


**Important update for Power Custom Fields PRO™ Users**

We’re really excited to announce the launch of our new Power Custom Fields Premium™ app featuring extensive enterprise features.

Choose from two levels of enterprise solution to find the tier that best suits your needs. Customers wishing to upgrade to Power Custom Fields Premium™ should read through our upgrade check list before upgrading.

Click below to see if you’re eligible for a FREE or discounted upgrade!

Show Me The Goods

“This add-on is awesome! It’s really helping fill in the gaps of stock JIRA. Particularly with the issue picker functionality. Also, the support on the Atlassian Forums is amazing. I always get a response, and it’s always in a very reasonable amount of time. They’ve worked with me on resolving multiple issues, and they continuously update their documentation when gaps are identified. Good job!”

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