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Power Custom Fields Premium™ for JIra

Create Flexible, Configurable Custom Fields to Easily Import & Integrate External Data in Jira




Power Custom Fields Premium™ is one of cPrime Apps’ newest launched plugin, and we’re pretty stoked for all that it can do.

Sync data from databases, autocomplete data input, create priority scores with calculated fields, link custom fields, create field dependencies, and so much more!

Create Dynamic Fields, Customize Jira Instance, & Integrate External Data

Key Benefits:

  • Calculate work spent on the ticket split between phases
  • Multi select variables from custom fields
  • Validate field data entry
  • Calculate the field using SIL scripting
  • Process loading huge data sets from various internal or external sources
  • Deal with dynamic lists of values, values that can be dependent on what the user has selected in the current screen or in the previous ones
  • Log custom field: a must for Jira app developers and administrators. See the logs in the issue you are working on.
  • Use any SQL database or SIL scripts for datasource
  • Configure how the fields will react with auto-complete and endless selections. Choose from checkbox, radio button, single & multi-select with auto-complete, or multiple

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**Important update for Power Custom Fields PRO™ Users**

With the launch of Power Custom Fields Premium™ app, PRO is missing many of the extensive enterprise features.

Click below to see if you’re eligible for a FREE or discounted upgrade!

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This is our new baby, & we’re always looking to improve.

Download your free trial, and tell us what you think.

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