Automate your Jira Admin with these 2 SIL™ Scheduler Time Savers


Being a Jira Admin brings a ton of time management and solution challenges. Y’all know the drill, it’s Friday and you’re finally about to leave work on time when you get a last minute request for a script to be run. Luckily, while many scripts require a Jira Admin to be present, there are numerous...

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Persistent Variables now available in Power Scripts™ for Jira and Confluence


Starting with version 4.1.7 of the SIL™ Engine we are happy to introduce the Persistent Variables feature. We are really excited to introduce this new feature which is available in both Power Scripts™ for Jira and Power Scripts™ for Confluence as we know how sought after it is in the Atlassian Community. Persistent Variables for Jira A...

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Power Salesforce Connector for Jira integrates Sales and Dev teams for better collaboration


The team at Cprime are very excited to announce our newest Product Power Salesforce Connector, a free app which seamlessly integrates Jira and Salesforce for greater team collaboration as you track work through different departments, in order to solve problems for their customers faster between two systems. Traditionally, companies are using separate systems to manage their work: Jira for product...

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Take our 5 minute challenge and discover the Loop Base Script


In origami, there are many types of base folds that give you a good starting point for more complex creations, for example, in order to make an origami crane, you would first start out with the folds that make a basic bird base. The same principle can be applied to using Power Scripts™ for Jira....

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Double Trouble! Easily copy custom field value to linked issue


The developers here at Cprime are really happy to announce a new feature available on Power Scripts™ for Jira 4.1.1 and SIL™ Engine 4.1.1 which allows you to copy a custom field value to a linked issue. As any great Jira admin knows, the key to awesome task management is simplification! Take a moment to...

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