Automate your Jira Admin with these 2 SIL™ Scheduler Time Savers


Being a Jira Admin brings a ton of time management and solution challenges. Y’all know the drill, it’s Friday and you’re finally about to leave work on time when you get a last minute request for a script to be run. Luckily, while many scripts require a Jira Admin to be present, there are numerous...

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Jira 8.0 is coming, are you ready?


Atlassian has announced they are planning to release Jira 8.0 which will contain many breaking changes as well as other end user enhancements. Breaking changes means disruption to your plugins! Some plugins will not be compatible with Jira 8.0 so it’s important that you don’t upgrade prematurely so you can ensure your business will keep...

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Jira Health Reports for our Health Care client keeps the bugs away!


Cprime has had some great customer feedback since the launch of its newest offering, Health Reports for Jira, a comprehensive health check which helps uncover underlying issues affecting your Jira instance or team productivity. The report provides an instant pulse check on custom issues that are important to that specific business then pinpoints any problem...

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Atlassian Data Center rules are changing! Here’s what you should know


Recent changes to Atlassian rules means all apps needs to be re-verified for Data Center compatibility Recently, Atlassian introduced a formal tier of “Data Center” approved products. Previously, a Data Center flag was included once a vendor confirmed their app was Data Center compatible. However, with this new introduction, all apps must go through another Data Center...

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