Power Scripts & Simple Issue Language (SIL) Now Groovy Compliant


With the new release of 1.0.5 of the SIL Groovy Connector on the Atlassian Marketplace, SIL and Power Scripts for Jira now support the use of the groovy language. Wait! Before you go get all groovy on us… The Road to Enterprise Scripting != Groovy.  Are you listening Jira Admins and Developers?  Do you depend on groovy to implement custom solutions? Is Script...

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How Does AM Utils Solve All of Your Routine Tasks?


Great question! AM Utils simplifies your daily Jira operations by offering you additional conditions, validators, post-, and JQL functions. These features expedite work within Jira, and add powerful workflow extensions for every Jira admin.   THE PROBLEM   We’re frequently asked to help with automation of certain routine tasks. While the remedies are usually some set of the...

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Get Time Back on Your Side with Issue History Collector™


YOU ALL KNOW THAT FEELING… That dreading feeling that your manager’s going to keep asking why the task has been sitting in In progress for far too long. But it’s the Monday after the long weekend, and it’s a holiday, and it’s technically not even past SLA.  Yet, the Jira numbers are there, and it takes time to explain. Then it’s difficult...

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Better together – bundle our apps to unlock your Jira’s potential


Bundling use case #1 Power Scripts™ and Power Custom Fields Premium™ – Turn Jira into a CRM or inventory tracker Bundling Power Scripts™ for Jira and Power Custom Fields Premium™ enables users to use Jira to store and retrieve information, turning Jira into something like a quasi CRM or inventory tracker. Using Jira to to...

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Easily connect third party data sources into Jira with Power Database Fields PRO™


Do you find yourself struggling to maintain and input all your various data sources into Jira? Connecting your databases into Jira ensures that teams are getting accurate and relevant information to give context to tickets and tasks. However, manually importing information from various sources can be a logistical nightmare leading to clerical errors, endless searches...

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