Power Actions for Jira

Power Actions for Jira is a unique app for creating dialogs and wizards on the fly. It provides a customizable toolbar to your issue screens. You can script the whole screens with Simple Issue Language (SIL).

Completely configurable wizards

You can configure pretty much everything. Add and remove actions, modify their order, specify whether a button should be available, hidden, or disabled; use SIL scripts to build forms for users to input data, and so on.

Smart release prediction and management

Release Prediction Gadget helps Agile teams grow from reactive to proactive by providing forecasts on sprints and versions, and showing insights into how sprints should be planned to deliver the estimated work on time.

Use SIL Scripts to Customize your actions

You can easily configure actions and wizards with SIL. Use powerful SIL routines for increased productivity.

“Very nice little plugin. I have these reports running as a wallboard on a flat screen TV hanging on the wall near the developers. They do a nice job in summarizing the progress of projects at a glance as they walk by. When not using as a wallboard display they are more interactive than standard charts, you can zoom into sections and tool-tips appear when hovering over data points. I have never noticed any latency when using these charts.”

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