Health Reports for Jira

Quantifying the Quality of Your Atlassian instance with a Framework for Health and Reporting

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Health Reports for Jira

Cprime is excited to announce the availability of complimentary health reports to allow Jira admins, Business Managers, and various other stakeholders the chance to review and refine their projects and Jira instances. There’s four reports: Agile Health Report, System Health Report, Project Admin Health Report, and Administration Health Report that can be run separately or combined to provide a full overall health report. These reports have been crafted using years of agile consulting experience, in order to identify common process and technology symptoms that hide under the surface of your software, processes or both!

Common Use Cases:

  • Query, read, and retrieve conditional information about your Agile process and system configuration
  • Confluence integration helps you proactively version reports and monitor progress
  • Run quick ongoing automated health assessments and baseline progress
  • Extensible framework for custom tailored reporting and health metrics
  • Configurable thresholds allow you to define success for application governance
  • Leverage health reports to get visibility, tweak, and optimize and qualify your outcomes

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Process Normalization

• better collaboration & communication
• coordinated planning & refinement
• tracking & reporting efficiencies

System Standardization

• # of plugins in your system w/ duplicate functionality
• integrity checking
• system performance metrics

Work Item Efficiency

• % of issues incomplete by period
• ratio of work completed relative to team members
• planned vs. unplanned work %

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