Get ready to break free from ScriptRunner


Is this you?

You’re a Jira admin who is beyond frustrated and tired of ScriptRunner. Your scripts are constantly breaking with upgrades in Jira, it’s gratuitously complicated, and it’s so, so expensive.

It’s time for something new. But you’ve had ScriptRunner for as long as you can remember, and the idea of migrating all of your scripts is daunting.

We get it, and we know that modern problems require modern solutions.


With that in mind we created our new program, Break Free from ScriptRunner, to help customers tackle all of those pain points.

For qualifying companies, this program includes buying out the remainder of your ScriptRunner contract, migrating scripts out of ScriptRunner, and get you set up with the SIL® Groovy Connector.

Why you should do it

Finally, a scripting and workflow solution designed with the modern Jira admin in mind.  With Power Scripts,™ you can expect:

Power Scripts for Jira Logo

              • Reliability – scripts don’t break during updates

              • Simple to use – users don’t need to be programmers to use

              • Speed – Scripts can be written 90% faster than ScriptRunner

              • Consolidation – removes numerous single-purpose apps with one powerful app

              • Portable – Migrate from Server to Cloud/Datacenter without losing functionality

              • Integrations – Bring SIL®’s functionality together with other top app partners in the ecosystem such as Insights, Jira Portfolio,, Automation for Jira, Tempo, Comala, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, PagerDuty, Alm Works, and more.



How it works 

In 3 phases, you’ll be up and running with Power Scripts™ for Jira + Power Custom Fields® for Jira.

SIL® vs. Groovy 

We created our own language layer, Simple Issue Language® or SIL®, to simplify the common complexities of writing Groovy into simple one line routines. This way, you can simplify your custom solutions to be quick to implement and easy to scale without going rogue and jeopardizing your instance.