Recent changes to Atlassian rules means all apps needs to be re-verified for Data Center compatibility

Recently, Atlassian introduced a formal tier of “Data Center” approved products. Previously, a Data Center flag was included once a vendor confirmed their app was Data Center compatible. However, with this new introduction, all apps must go through another Data Center check from Atlassian. Due to the volume of apps, this verification process has been taking some time. Since not all Cprime apps have been officially approved by Atlassian yet, for some apps, if you upgrade to the latest version, there will be an error message saying it is incompatible with Data Center.

A lot of our apps are Data Center compatible

Relax! You may be seeing a generic warning, this is appearing because Atlassian hasn’t had the chance to review our apps formally yet.

Apps which have been officially approved by Atlassian

Power Scripts™ for Jira 

Power Database Fields Pro™

Power Actions™ for Jira

SIL™ Engine 

Apps which are Data Center compatible but waiting for official sign off

Power Custom Fields Premium™

Global SSO for Jira (SAML)

Epic to Feature Translator for Jira

Global SSO for Confluence

Surveys for Service Desk

Keep using our apps as normal – they will be verified soon

We are working with Atlassian fully and hope that they will be able to approve the apps above as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to use them as normal as we can confirm they are Data Center compatible.

Thank you for your patience,

The Cprime team

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