Agile Reports for Jira

Agile Reports for Jira is an all in one app helping your Agile team perform the extraordinary. No more small single purpose apps cluttering your Jira, no more disconnected data that you have to look up in several tabs of your browser – get it all in one app, on one dashboard, at one price.

Convenient progress tracking for your Agile teams

Get visual view of team progress across sprints and see when it is behind the acceptable deviation. Burnup Chart provides insights on the project progress, as well as warnings to help you to maintain project health.

Smart release prediction and management

Release Prediction Gadget helps Agile teams grow from reactive to proactive by providing forecasts on sprints and versions, and showing insights into how sprints should be planned to deliver the estimated work on time.

Estimate accuracy and velocity analysis made easy

Make SCRUM reporting better with a dynamic view for estimated effort vs actual team progress. It displays how your Agile team performance progresses from sprint to sprint and helps improve estimates over time.

“Very nice little plugin. I have these reports running as a wallboard on a flat screen TV hanging on the wall near the developers. They do a nice job in summarizing the progress of projects at a glance as they walk by. When not using as a wallboard display they are more interactive than standard charts, you can zoom into sections and tool-tips appear when hovering over data points. I have never noticed any latency when using these charts.”

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