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Simple Issue Language (SIL)

SIL is a domain specific language that was created for easy Jira implementation – it is the core of all of the apps in the Power Portfolio. It is extremely flexible and as the name says, it is far more simple than Groovy or other languages you may be using. Configure with SIL and you never have to worry about upgrades – it just works, with any JIRA instance.

Compare to Script Runner!

Power Scripts for Jira

“This app has by far become one of the most important and versatile ones in our arsenal.”

Scripting that works across all Jira versions

Reduce implementation time by +50%

Workflows, listeners, services, JQL mail, screen control and more

Provides far more functionality than any other scripting app on the market

Agile Reports For Jira

A powerful bundle of apps that track team progress towards planned sprints, versions, and releases, compares committed vs. delivered work and exports reports to analyze team data.

Convenient progress tracking with insightsand warnings

Compare estimates vs. actuals

Simple reporting and easy setup


Power Actions for Jira

Extend functionality without modifying your workflow. Create dialogs, operations and buttons on the fly.


Power Custom Fields PRO

The most advanced dynamic custom fields app for Jira. Plus, it is scripted with Simple Issue Language which means unlimited flexibility.


Power Database Fields

Extract and import data from external databases and bring it cleanly into Jira custom fields that you can filter and search.

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