This is your 1 stop shop for all things Atlassian plugins, addons, and Marketplace apps. As an Atlassian Marketplace Top Vendor and one of the top platinum solution partners of the year for the last 5 years, our Atlassian, Lean Agile, and DevOps success has come as a result of blending process and software solutions into our unified framework of Atlassian apps. We provide a comprehensive suite of capabilities for Jira Administrators, Atlassian consultants, Business users, and other functional Atlassian stakeholders.


Our customers constantly need the ability to tailor Atlassian with flexible and custom business process solutions that are lightweight, quick, and easy to implement.


Equipping our customers with 1 strategic software services partner has brought Atlassian application governance front and center. Implementing this sort of enterprise focused strategy requires that users audit and assess their instances, and make the appropriate tradeoffs. As a result, customers commonly decide to eliminate the need to depend on 20+ different marketplace vendors in order to bridge the feature gaps. Now with the power of our Simple Issue Language engine, or SIL™ Engine, is leveraged across our Power Suite of Apps providing solutions to complex use cases related to compliance, governance, integrations, conditional reporting, custom metrics, workflow automations and more…


So, what can our apps do for you?